Target Investments

The RoadShow funds will invest in two types of projects:

Development/incubation of “prestige” content: event television and tentpole film franchises

Films with > $5m Budgets (Our investment cap is around $2m) & Targets the 18 to 35 year-old demo

Independent Film

RoadShow's Fund targets genres that have proven consistently successful with our target demographic, specifically, viewers aged 14 to 35 — the ones who stream shows on the small screen and also who buy the most movie tickets and related merchandise, including horror, thriller, dramatic action, romantic comedy, and socially conscious (including faith-based) feature films and television programs.

An in-depth study published for Forbes Magazine and the American Film Market in October 2017 of over 3,000 independent films looked at all forms of film revenue. They narrowed the study to the past three years of films between $500,000 to $3,000,000. Their research confirmed that the four top performing genres were clear concept horror films, documentaries with built in audiences and powerful stories, validating feel good religious or values-based films, and lastly, high quality dramas with a combined ROI of 345 percent. The study showed that the 100 most profitable feature films released between 2007 and 2016 had budgets under $3 million.

Our targets fall squarely in that sweet spot.

Content Incubation

RoadShow’s partner Gramarye Media, a graduate of Georgia Tech’s exclusive Flashpoint business accelerator, applies the “Silicon Valley” process (rigorous process for reliable innovation) to content. Fewer than 1 percent of all startups succeed, but more than 80 percent of the companies that go through accelerators succeed.  Content is also innovated. It, too, can be innovated reliab--ly. This is our "secret sauce" that mitigates risk by objectifying a film project taking it out of the realm of subjectivity. We apply valid business principles before a project can be "green-lit".


Our Content Incubator uses a four-part process.

1. We select unpublished book manuscripts and screenplays with blockbuster DNA using a 47+ point “checklist” and a team of proven industry veterans.

2.  Authors work with a team of experts to polish and refine their content and prepare the IP for adaptation across media channels during a year-long incubation process.

3. We publish the content as print and as enhanced “eBook 2.0” immersive reading experiences using proprietary technology and a proprietary social media platform. The eBooks are layered with interactivity, including AR, music, moving illustrations, story-relevant games, community forms, and more. This interactivity allow us to empower and incentivize users to share their experience via their networks. Using digital marketing tools, we track and measure the viral spread of brand awareness in the potential film's communities.. We mine this data to identify key inflection points and to track the demographic information by age, sex, and location. This allows us to better understand fan passion and adapt in a satisfying way, to better create and target merchandise, and exactly how and to whom to market.

4. Finally, we produce the titles that demonstrate a proven, built-in audience as films, television series, games, AR and VR experiences, location-based attractions, and more.


We will use this development process as a revenue generator and to gather reliably predictive data before we greenlight a film.

Revenue from this digital vetting process will be passed on to investors from every media expression, including film, television, AR and VR, toys, games, merchandise, and location-based entertainment, in perpetuity. Just another way RoadShow mitigates risk and increases potential film revenue.