Protecting Investors



When we talk to Investors about film production, we hear their enthusiasm along with the following sentiments . . .

“Film is just too risky … I’m not sure where to invest. and if the film isn’t a hit, my money is gone.”

“Hollywood accounting is notoriously unfriendly to inexperienced investors.”


Diversify the Portfolio


Pay the Investors Back First


Mitigate the Risk


Historically, most film investments have followed a “one and done” model: invest in one film that might produce favorable returns … or not. RoadShow’s investments are diversified through a portfolio of projects, mitigating risk and increasing the likelihood of success.

RoadShow funds will invest in 20 to 22 film and television productions over a five-year period. The Fund will invest between $500,000 to $2,000,000 on either a “first in” or co-investment basis in independent productions. This consists of a diversified portfolio of entertainment investments. 

By investing in a slate of films, the Investor avoids the risk that comes with the “one and done” approach.

Tax Incentives

With the passage of The Georgia Entertainment Industry Investment Act, Georgia has become the most active market in the world. The Georgia Tax Credit provides Producers a tax incentive of up to 30 percent for production. The state also provides a post-production credit of up to 5 percent. With the tax credit, many investors will purchase the tax credits from the Producer, or the Producer will finance the tax credits to reduce production costs to the advantage of their investors.

Protecting Investors

Next, we offer simple, transparent accounting and investor-first agreements. No fancy “Hollywood accounting.”

The traditional Hollywood system has routinely paid investors last after everyone else has been paid. In some cases, investors have waited years for their returns.

RoadShow's Investors will be in the “first in” and “first out” position. The Fund will be in first position for profit participation derived from US and worldwide sales. Unlike the large studio model, the Fund has no unnecessary overhead charges or fees that push back recoupment and profit participation.

The Investors will receive a preferred return on first gross income of each funded project and thereafter participate in the net income stream, on-going participation in all net income generated in the subsequent years of exploitation. As a result, successful productions generate returns for the life of the investment.

Team of Experts

RoadShow uses a very experienced team of veteran industry experts to help select content, budget efficiently, and ensure smooth, professional high quality productions.

These industry professionals (Production Advisors) will:

  • Provide detailed budget review and due diligence.
  • Review the development of a project’s marketing and distribution plan. These experienced production and financing executives have a combined portfolio of over 100 film and television projects.
  • Assist the film's Producers in obtaining presales and/or distribution agreements or estimates at a break-even point based on low estimates for domestic and foreign sales.

While our primary target is lower-budget independent films, we also invest in developing tentpole event projects, leverage proprietary techniques and technologies to further mitigate risk. Learn more about RoadShow's target investments.


Join Us

If you’d like to learn more about investing with roadshow, see our business plan and financials, they are available upon request.